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The Ex...

Is a human just like me. A woman that wants a peaceful life just like me. A mama that loves her children just like me. A child of God doing her best just like me. 

And I’ve known all of that, but something about us letting our guards down enough to have a full family vacation with our kids and their dad was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. 

I see all of these coparenting accounts going viral because the bio mom and stepmom do TikTok dances with each other. Those are cute. They show it’s possible to be in a room together a little longer than 5 minutes. But I’d like to see them all try going on a Disney World vacation, staying in a three bedroom Airbnb apartment, spending long days walking every single amusement park possible and still wake up everyday going… let’s do it again! 

I’m sure many are thinking that there’s no way the whole week was that smooth. Sure. The kids acted out in tiny increments because they were hungry or tired and needed little breaks. Have you ever been to Disney World? It's fun but TIRING. Those moments were expected. But once we took care of them as a coparenting unit everyone would be fine. At no point were parents at each other’s throats… why? Because we are grown adults and how would that benefit any of us? 

There is no reason for her to not want us to be happy. And there is no reason for us to not support her. 

So the next time you look at us and think, “wow I bet they only post the good” - sure I’m not going to post one of my daughters’ low moments on social media because it’s wrong when people do that. But as far as the “negative” you’re expecting from our situation, I can guarantee we have all decided to be friends instead of enemies. We know healthy boundaries and stick to them. And when we need breaks we take them. We have our separate lives, but we come together for the sake of the kids. It’s been a process, but that’s only natural. And in the end we’ve all benefitted from the friendships as well. 

Healing is possible. 

And being friends enough that no one misses out on the joy Mickey brings your kids on a Disney vacation is worth it.

Proud to say she's my friend. And we are the coolest "Jens" you'll ever meet. :)


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